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Developers’ Discount

Why are Potential Buyers Joining our VVIP List?

Benefits of VVIP

  • List Receive first hand updates on project developments
  • Be the first to visit the showflat and shortlist your choice unit
  • Receive priority to make booking for choice unit before public launch
  • Enjoy developer’s discount during early phase, thus enjoying higher rental yield and higher capital appreciation

Not Registered for VVIP

  • Visit showflat AFTER priority bookings by VVIP members
  • Participate in Public Launch and choose remaining units AFTER choice units have already been purchased by VVIP members
  • Availability and changes to Developers’ Discount subjected to Developers’ discretion

Frequently Asked Questions

We are still considering, does registration as a VVIP guest before public launch means the sales is already confirmed?
Registration as VVIP guest does not constitutes to a sale and you can withdraw at at any point of time before the signing of Option To Purchase (OTP).

Can we still change our choices after selection of units before VVIP preview day?
Short listing of units before the VVIP preview day is to ensure that buyers have enough time to consider. Upon the release of prices by developer, buyer will be able to compare and decide which choice unit instead of short listing and deciding on the actual VVIP preview day.

Do I have to make any purchase on the preview day if the price is not within my ideal range?
There is no obligation to purchase any unit and you can choose to withdraw anytime before the signing of OTP.

Will there be any confirmation before purchase of unit?
Please be assured that submission of documents for booking of unit will only be done upon acceptance of price and confirmation by the owner to the respective salesperson.

Do I have to pay for salesperson’s commission?
Buyer need not pay any commission for new launch projects as developer will be paying the commission to the salesperson directly.

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